How should I pace my next race?

Start with a controlled, slightly easier effort than threshold for the first 3 minutes, then settle in for threshold pace for the next half hour. Try to slowly 'accelerate' through the last 15k or so of the race. Also, save some 'bonus watts' for hills and tailwinds where watts are much more productive in terms of relative distance gained for the effort. Additionally, make sure that you get in a good warm-up prior to your start time so that you can quickly settle in to your pace. Instead of watching the power or heart rate numbers so closely, athletes may want to consider racing based on how they feel. Racing has a way of bringing about efforts that you may not have seen during training. You may want to break your strategy into blocks based on how you are feeling. This might look like: start easy for the first 3-5 minutes building into a steady effort that you feel you can maintain and then really push the pace for the last 15K keeping in mind that you are going to hurt. In this case, let the power settings fall where they may and then chart them after the race to see how they compared to your pre-race estimates. I find that when athletes watch their power levels and/or heart rates too closely during races, they often race conservatively and end up feeling as though they could have pushed harder during the race. If you can monitor power levels and still get your absolute max effort, then stick with your strategy.

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