How do I prevent little leaguer's elbow?

The throwing motion is a very unnatural act.  A proper warm before picking up a baseball is so important in a young arm. Simple arm circles, jumping jacks, jogging, sprints, etc...are examples of proper warming up.  Do all this before throwing a baseball. Then teach the little leaguers how to properly play catch. Use proper mechanics while playing catch. Do not and I repeat do not allow young players to throw curve balls or any pitch other then a four seam grip fastball.  A young players elbow tendons and ligaments are still growing and developing. After the little leaguer is done throwing have them perform proper exercise that help strengthen his or her elbow. Also have the little leaguer condition his or her body with sprints.
Little leaguer's elbow is an overuse injury that is common in adolescent age players. The repetitive motion of overhead throwing causes traction on the underdeveloped structures of the elbow, and therefore chronic inflammation and associated pain. During these developmental years, it is important that pitchers follow recommended pitch counts and rest days to reduce the chance of developing this condition. Also, try to limit or avoid throwing curve or breaking-type pitches as the mechanics of such throws can increase the likelihood of injury in an underdeveloped elbow. Pitchers should focus on proper fastball mechanics and should also consider a change-up type pitch which uses very similar mechanics to a fastball (a slightly different grip but same release).

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