How do past negative experiences impact my sports performance?

Any time there is a negative experience in your life it will have an impact on you. If you are able to work through that negative experience shortly after it happens to figure out what could have happened differently, then it's less likely to impact you (as greatly) later in your life. If you are unable to work through a negative experiences shortly after its happened, that experience will continue to follow you and usually will continue to pop up in your life. For example, when you were a kid playing soccer you missed the tie-breaking goal to win the championship. During that time you never had the opportunity to talk about missing that goal and kids made fun of you, your coach was mad at you, and you felt disappointment from your parents. The thoughts and feelings associated with that missed goal will continue to unconsciously be a part of your life until you're put into that situation or a similar situation again. In that situation or similar situation all of those thoughts and feelings will surface and added to that will be the fear of missing that goal.

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