How do I know where I rank compared to other athletes?

The singular best way to compare athletes' results with others is with the Age Graded Calculator. There are a number of calculators online which have been formulated based on the 2006 tables created by The World Association of Veteran Athletes (WAVA). Calculations are then made taking into account an athlete's age and their gender. A 100% ranking is equivalent to world record level. Over 90% is approximate world class status. Over 80% is indicative of national class caliber. Over 70% is the mark of a competitive regional class athlete and over 60% is local class. Many race results will include the Age-Graded Calculated results as well in order to compare athletes across age and gender. Additionally, athletes can use race results as compared to others in their gender and age group to evaluate their percentile finish time within their class. If an athlete finished 35/55 runners in their age and gender division then they were in the 37% percentile of their class. This is calculated by taking 35 and dividing it by 55, then taking the resulting number, multiplying it by 100 and subtracting it by 100. While a primary factor in racing is competing against others, it is far more productive to monitor one's own progress in training and racing. Use the Age-Graded Calculator to watch steady improvements in one's own race day performances.

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