How can I increase my power for snow skiing?

Karen L. Gorton, PhD, MS, RN
Emergency Room Nursing

Increasing your cardiovascular stamina is foundational to skiing with more power. Strength is very important, but you must also be able to maintain proper blood flow to the muscles for extended periods of time while skiing. Blend the power workout with cardiovascular conditioning to attain the best possible physical condition for your skiing. 

Power training that uses a combination of strength exercises supersetted with power exercises is a great way to build power for snow skiing. To perform this type of training you should perform 1-5 repetitions of a strength exercise followed immediately by 8-10 repetitions of a power exercise using an explosive tempo; this makes up one set. Perform 3-5 sets of this combination with 3-5 minutes of rest in between sets. Peform the strength exercise in a stable position (using two legs, leg press machine, etc.) as this allows more weight to be used. The power exercise should use the same muscles as the strength exercise and consist of jump training or medicine balls with an explosive tempo. By using supersets of a strength exercise followed immediately by a power exercise you can improve both strength and explosive power. An example power training workout includes bar squats (5 sets of 5 repetitions) supersetted with box jumps (10 repetitions) followed by lying leg curls (5 sets of 5 repetitions) supersetted with lunge jumps (5 per leg). To perform box jumps, quickly squat down and the explosively jump on to a box. Make sure to land softly, then step down and repeat the movement. To perform the jump lunges, start in the bottom of a lunge position and then explosively jump in the air. Land softly in the lunge position and repeat the movement.

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