How can I get ready for the swim in a triathlon?

Practice your real race day warm up. Race Simulation: Grab 2-3 of your closest friends (well at least your swimming/triathlete buddies who swim). Warm-up: Swim on your buddies feet. Practice drafting in a pace line switching the leader every 50 meters. Do this for 800-1000 meters.Turn Buoy: Set a turn buoy 6-8 feet from the wall. Start at the opposite wall all together and fight to be the first one at the buoy and around it and back to the wall. Performing 6x50 of these should be ample time to elbow each other, work on your acceleration in the water and practice buoy turns while you’re at it. While it is race simulation, try not to give your buddies black eyes, they will be less likely to practice with you in the future. Finish up with a 2x600 swim fartlek alternating 50 meters at endurance pace and 50 meters fast. Start the season off right with a swim PR by incorporating these race simulation swim sets into your preparation for optimal performance on race day. Not only will you be physically prepared, you will be mentally focused, practiced and sharp come that first cold dip into the open water.

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