How can I change directions better?

Changing direction better requires training your body to move efficiently in multiple planes (front, back, side, turning), at varying speed, with optimal body control. To improve your ability, you should focus on increasing your balance, core control, strength, and stability. In addition, utilize exercises that focus on stopping, decelerating, and accelerating in all planes of motion. Follow this progression to optimize the ability to change direction safely and effectively:

  1. Use these exercises to learn to decelerate your center of mass in a controlled, yet abrupt manner: jump to stabilization, cable rotations, box jump-downs to stabilization. These can be performed in any direction and are best advanced by manipulating the volume and intensity of effort appropriately;
  2. Optimize your ability to break inertia and accelerate your body in the direction you intend to go. Focus on exercise drills that teach you how to decelerate and then immediately accelerate - such as power step-ups and box jump-downs with countermovement jumps. Start slowly and increase your intensity and speed as you learn the proper mechanics;
  3. Work to integrate the deceleration and acceleration movements together in more complex movement drills. Perform these drills to help you learn how to integrate the two in multiple directions: M-drill and box drill. Begin slowly, focusing on learning and feeling the proper movement patterns to ensure safety and efficacy. Progress the exercises, working to shorten the time between stopping, decelerating, and accelerating in a different direction.

Following these general guidelines will help you change directions quicker and more effectively.

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