Why should I pray to show my love?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Let others see you as you truly are. At many points on the spiritual path you will feel exalted and holy. You will know without a doubt that spirit is in you. But showing this to others is difficult. Should you behave like a saint? Should you wait until your family notices that a holy person is sitting at the dinner table? Goodness is shown through good works, but spirit is transmitted through love. Without expecting anything from anyone, find a way to express the exaltation that you feel inside.

God and Spirit, show your love through me.
This is all I want or have ever wanted. Make a secret pact with me.
Let someone in my life feel your touch
As I feel it myself:
Intimate, tender, joyful, and healing.
When this happens, don't let them see me,
But only you.
No one needs to know that I am in you and you in me.
We'll keep our secret until eternity.

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