Why do I fear death?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
A person fears death not for itself but for a deeper reason, which is the need to defend an imaginary self. Identifying with an imaginary self is something we all do.

The fear of death is a source of anxiety that reaches into many areas. The way our society worships youth and shuns the elderly, our desperate need for distraction, the promotion of cosmetics and beauty treatments, flourishing gyms with full-length mirrors on all sides, and the craze for celebrity are all symptoms of wanting to deny death.
Most people do! Most of us fear the unknown and an event that we have no control over. For some, thinking about it causes anxiety and feelings that make us very uncomfortable and in general, most people don't spend time thinking about it unless they work with dying or are faced with it in some way. The issue of death and dying is not easily discussed. Our upbringing, cultural and religious teachings influence our thoughts and feelings about dying. In some cultures, discussing death or mentioning the names of the dead are bad luck or disrespectful. Often though, when faced with the possibility, people spend time coming to terms with dying and often feel like they have prepared for death and are not afraid.

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