Why does God permit evil to exist?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
The answer, I feel, must be divine patience. God is waiting for us to grow into our goodness. God wants us to see on our own, so that the vision will endure. It may take a long time, but that is the price for having free will. No choice is forced upon us. There is only the allure of peace and love as higher realities.
William Stillman
Health Education

Every time I read or hear a news story of appalling brutality somewhere in the world, I ask myself the same question, "How or why does God allow such obvious acts of despicable and inhumane violence and evil to exist?" At times, it is very distressing for me personally, and I have a difficult time ridding myself of the images and thoughts of knowing how horribly others have suffered. It is also difficult to reconcile the guilt I feel because I am safe and sound and free from harm.

But perhaps those feelings are part of the answer---because I feel them! Imagine if we were so totally emotionally disconnected that we were indifferent when we learned of evil acts? The majority of us are not impervious to the suffering brought upon others because we are human---and as humans, we are all brothers of one another! We are all composed of the same raw material originating in God's dream for us.

Personally speaking, I am very empathic. What this means is that I am so sensitive that I literally feel the physical and emotional pain of others and can even take it on as my own. It can be daunting if not exhausting. When I feel that upset, I meditate by taking a long walk. I ask God why there must be such hardship and suffering caused by evil or manipulative acts. I wonder if there is a place where beings exist in total harmony. And the answer I receive is always the same.

God doesn't create evil, humankind does; God is merely the observer, having set it all in motion. Imagine how lethargic and complacent we'd become if the world was free of all evil---there would be no need for acts of heroism, altruism, and unconditional love because it is the norm. Evil does not overwhelm us; it is always balanced by good people, good things, and good acts. Evil presents an opportunity for us each to make a choice; to determine to be evil's antidote through setting an example and by better appreciating all that is good and beautiful.

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