Who is God?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

I have a habit of referring to God as "he." I was raised to see the divine as masculine and I admit I'm comfortable with that imagery for myself. But, I am also quite certain that the infinite would, by definition, encompass every male and female attribute. I never for a moment felt that I wasn't formed in the image of God because I'm a girl. If you're more comfortable with using "she," please do so. And again, if the term "the universe" works better for you, use that instead. Even if you're an ardent atheist, I hope that you'll find something that speaks to you. Perhaps, you can connect with a collective ethic of humanity or a sense of order within nature.

Maybe like many Buddhists, you can seek union with that place of inner reality or the "very subtle mind" where there is "no self." Feel free to modify anything I say so that it makes sense to you in your journey of relationship with all that is good, true, and eternal. For me, a personal God is easiest to love. Attempting to generate any emotion for abstract constructs, like order, beauty, or mercy is more than I'm capable of at this stage in my spiritual development. So, when I speak about God, I'm going to refer to him in his divinely human form, but you can go ahead and insert swirling galaxies if you prefer.

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