What do Buddhists mean by living the middle way?

Dr. Andrea Pennington, MD
Integrative Medicine
Move more. Eat consciously without relying on fads or gimmicks. Let your body’s original nature program guide you to a life of wholeness. Engage in physical activity regularly because your body craves it and loves it and is stimulated by it. Enjoy in the moment the time with your family members, friends, children. When at work, stay focused on living up to your potential there. If you demonstrate the worthiness and capability to move up, you will. Allow yourself the wonderful experience of ridding your body, mind and environment of toxic substances, abuse of alcohol and even draining, negative relationships. You will begin to feel a natural sense of vitality that comes from being connected to who you really are and less about trying to live up to some ideal that really wasn’t promised to you at birth, you were simply programmed to believe it. Soon you will find that you can more easily gravitate toward food, environments, relationships and experiences that bring you joy, peace and motivation to live a better life. It’s not automatic and some will take longer to return to this state than others.

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