What is the secret of solving the mystery of life?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Solving the mystery of life requires only one commandment: live like a cell. But we don't, and the reason is not hard to find. We have our own way of doing things. Our cells are fueled by the same oxygen and glucose that fueled amoebas two billion years ago, but we are attracted by high-fat, sugary, more or less frivolous fad foods. Our cells cooperate with each other along the same lines set down by evolution in tree ferns of the Cretaceous period, but we find a new enemy somewhere in the world every decade, perhaps every year or month. We all have a similar tale to tell of deviations from the precise, complete, and almost perfect wisdom that our bodies follow. Our wayward lapses point to a much larger pattern. Each of us needs to see that we are living the after effects of someone else's old choices. We were taught to follow a set of habits and beliefs that totally disregard the mystery of life. And this set of belief is binding. Follow the commandment: live like a cell.

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