Is there order in the universe?

Arianna Huffington
Health Education
Rhythm and harmony, order and symmetry, even color and flavor are terms regularly used by astonished scientists reporting on their scientific discoveries.  They have even borrowed "quarks" from James Joyce. The universe is alive and dancing to an intricate choreography. What at first appears to be a chaotic explosion of stars moving in haphazard directions at unsteady speeds becomes, through the lens of science, a delicate pattern of heavenly bodies moving in precise patterns defined by absolute forces. The scientist searches out the harmony in randomness and the unity in fragmentation, which accounts for Einstein's remarkable observation that “without the belief in the inner harmony of the world there could be no science.” And when life crashes around us in discord, we may take comfort in the truth that harmony remains the dominating and abiding principle.  Order and beauty permeate the structure of the universe itself -- from the perfectly concentric circles of the black hole to the remarkable detail in a floating snowflake.

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