Are all relationships spiritual?

Yogi Cameron Alborzian
Alternative & Complementary Medicine Specialist

Often, we hear people qualify themselves as being "really spiritual," or being a "very spiritual person."  What they are likely referring to is their affinity for certain lifestyle choices and practices, and even their attraction to the types of objects and information one might find in mind/body/spirit stores.  What many don't realize, though, is that being a spiritual person is not really something that can be qualified (I'm really spiritual), quantified (I'm more spiritual now than I used to be), or otherwise assessed. Why is this so? Each of us, regardless of our lifestyle, our routine, or our sense of aesthetics, is a spiritual person.

As people, each of us embody the Spirit. We exist as organic, natural beings, and this basis in nature causes us to be spiritual. We are no more spiritual than our neighbor, our dog, or even the large tree in our front yard. Those who embrace a path of spiritual growth, be it through the practicing of Yoga, Buddhism, or another system of self-study, are enveloping themselves in spiritual practices that will help them to realize the godliness within.  In this sense, one person's lifestyle may be more spiritually-minded than another's, but both people have the same potential for being one with their creator.

Given all of this, all relationships with all other beings--be they between people, animals, or plants—are spiritual. Each of us who embrace a life of spiritual growth recognize that all relationships we have in our life can serve the purpose of aiding our growth, even if on the surface some of them seem to actually encumber it.

William Stillman
Health Education Specialist

As human beings we are all spiritual beings; so, yes, the relationships we have with one another are spiritual in varying degrees depending upon the depth and intimacy of the relationship. If my intuition serves me correctly, your question is really an attempt to discern whether a romantic relationship is a spiritual relationship and, given the foregoing, the same would apply.

Some people confuse the initial lust or euphoria of a romantic relationship as one of spiritual union or that of “soul mates.” But the spirituality of a relationship may best be comprehended and appreciated fully, as the relationship develops and grows, and each party contributes their respective gifts, talents, and unique personality traits to its mutual manifestation. Even the “bad” relationships are spiritual if we can place them in proper context by understanding their purpose and what we’ve gained from them.

Arlene Feuerberg-Isaacs
Psychology Specialist

This depends on how you pesonally define "spiritual." However, being connected to another individual involves varying degrees of emotional connection, and many people believe that our emotions are connected to our spiritual dimension. Therefore it is likely that most people will agree that all relationships are spiritual to at least some degree.

There is much more agreement that marriage is a spiritual relationship because it involves a profound, lifelong committment between the partners. Therefore it becomes a significant responsibility to cherish and preserve a marriage by continually striving to maintain the loving connection. Many people find that the only way they can express how they feel about their marriage is to describe it in spiritual terms.

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