Is death out there waiting for us?

William Stillman
Health Education

Your question sounds motivated by the stereotyped sensationalism of the Final Destination series of horror films in which “death” stalks its victims and claims them through spectacular freak accidents no matter how the characters try to avoid and avert death. The notion that death is “out there” waiting for us is a fear-based concept that ascribes death human-like personality traits of revenge or vengeance.

In truth, death is not an entity but one component in a continual process called the cycle of life. Death, or shedding our physical identity to migrate into our spiritual selves, is a natural and inevitable necessity in order for our souls to perpetuate an educational tier of growing and learning.

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
It is a myth to think that death is "out there" waiting for us. Death is here with us, tied into the flow of life. There is a wonderful saying, "You will never be more alive than you are at this moment, and you will never be more dead than you are this moment." Your goal, then, should be to experience yourself as fully as you can, to become so alive that death will no longer be a threat. Don't see yourself as struggling to remain alive against all obstacles; see yourself as a river that accepts all change because change is natural as you move from one life stage to the next. When asked why he was so calm about dying, Socrates said, "I've been walking toward this destination all my life. Why should the last footstep make me afraid?"

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