What is the impact of community on spirituality?

Arianna Huffington
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The call to community is a call to belonging, to being part of something larger than ourselves, to making of our lives the latest chapter in the human story. We want not only to know who we are, but of whom we are a part. These impulses, driven by our Fourth Instinct, weave the thread of community with which we connect with others and reconnect with ourselves. Being raised in Athens, the city of the gods, I was infused with that sense of community. In the home of my childhood, there was no division between community and spirituality, history and current events, public concerns and private issues. And this belief, more than anything else, creates community. It is neither utilitarian nor utopian. It is prompted by the Fourth Instinct, not in its mystical but in its everyday manifestations: by giving, sharing, and making "common" our blessings and burdens alike.

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