How can humanity reach its spiritual destiny?

Arianna Huffington
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Social scientists have proven that people's behavior often depends on how many others are behaving in a particular way. Parents have long been aware of this truth. “But, Mom, nobody's wearing that anymore!” is the wail that announces the newest teenage clothing fad. It's the same pattern of behavior that is put to positive use in any social activity. Whether it's a political campaign or a fundraising drive for the local homeless shelter, it can become self-sustaining and even accelerate once it passes a critical mass of energy and involvement. At that moment, a backbreaking effort that felt like Sisyphus forever pushing a rock uphill becomes an endeavor that seems unrestrained by the normal laws of gravity, tumbling forward and upward.


Unlike colonies of butterflies and schools of fish, we don't carry imprinted in us unambiguous instructions about where to go and how to get there. We make choices all the time, and some of these choices are little more than wild guesses. We take strolls that lead to dead ends, we pick up false threads that fall apart in our hands. The subjects of the animal kingdom are governed by the first three instincts, but we have access to the Fourth. The distinctive feature of being human is our capacity to make moral choices. And with our choices we can rain down on ourselves untold disasters or open up unimagined possibilities. We can choose to self-destruct, or we can choose to evolve.  Everyone does not have to choose to evolve for everyone to end up evolving. Once critical mass is reached, it's as if God's grace will reach out and lift humanity closer to its spiritual destiny.


To reach this destiny, we need only a critical mass of pioneers who will choose to follow the voice of our Fourth Instinct -- to answer the call to meaning and to service by putting giving and caring for our communities at the center of each day. Then values like responsibility, forgiveness, gratitude, and compassion will be practiced with the same frequency that they are preached. It is a big dream, but a dream based on the inner reality of our Fourth Instinct -- a reality whose time has come.

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