How do we relate with the universe?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
What are you and I, really? We are an expression of the entire universe. The universe gave birth to you and me as separate persons, but it didn't let us out of eternity's embrace. At this very moment we stand outside time as surely as inside it.

As much as you need the world in order to live, the world needs you in order to exist. You are the only way the universe can experience exactly the things you feel, see, touch, think, and desire as no one else can. Patterns arise and fall, passing away like dust. With one side of your being, you play in these patterns, creating dramas of light and dark. But with another side of your being you are pure awareness, pure creativity, pure possibility. You are the source. Therefore when you die, the same process occurs that led to your being born. The source rearranges the patterns once again. Look upon the afterlife as you look upon this instant, as both a new birth and a new death.

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