How can I find fulfillment in life?

Michael B. Finkelstein, MD
Internal Medicine
Finding fulfillment in life is another way of saying “how do we feed ourselves and what do we need to nourish?” The word nourishment elucidates the concept of fulfillment further. We can feed ourselves physically but there is emotional nourishment we need and spiritual nourishment. When we think of fulfillment, the ideal is to combine them.

People who eat emotionally are hungry for something -- not necessarily food but for connection, for relationships. They are feeling lonely or isolated or maybe angry. They look for something to feed them. Now, instead of writing and being creative and being artistic they go for the Häagen-Dazs.

If we can find ways of feeding and nourishing our emotional and spiritual self and taking care of our body, we wind up in a synergistic way of feeling full, feeling vital and feeling happy. That nourishment trickles down on every level, including every single one of our cells which we need to be strong and feel good and have our immune system be healthy and get through life with minimal disease and inflammation.

Part of that is to take out the garbage, too. You need room to fill. If your mind is full of things that are preoccupying you -- stress, anxiety, irritation -- there’s no room potentially for love to flow in. That’s why people have such challenges in relationships. Part of what we need to do is let go of some stuff. We need to work things through and process them. We need creative ways of doing that as well.

Spiritually, we need to connect with something greater than ourselves; otherwise, life sort of gets routinized. We want to know there is a great future, maybe, through our whole lives and even afterwards. 

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