How can I spend time with God?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

Well, there are several ways of doing this. The first is just to be open to his presence. Notice the divine order in nature - in everything from the design of a leaf to the cycle of the seasons. Sunsets are an exquisite reminder of the splendor and majesty of the Lord, but the seemingly commonplace occurrence of dew, or the sprouting of dandelions through a concrete sidewalk is equally miraculous.

Look for the specialness of everyday events. Sadly, we have become inured to the truly amazing quality of everything that surrounds us.

Things as routine as putting on lipstick or walking your child to the school bus take on new meaning when you examine them at a deeper level. Every moment has significance if you open your eyes. And I don't just mean for you personally, as part of the synchronistic wonder of your life. There's a universal story in each event.

Take the lipstick example. It doesn't seem like a particularly profound activity, but when you see it as part of a deeply ingrained desire to attract the opposite sex by mimicking a sign of fertility, it becomes more interesting. Explore the idea further and you'll see that the expression of female sexuality has been taboo for millennia and is still forbidden in many parts of the world. (Ironically, the mother and the whore both obtain their identity through the same act.) The suppression of women as sexual beings was in part to ensure fidelity, thereby protecting inheritance of property within families. However, it also encompasses something more - something deep and archetypal about the feminine ideal as receptive and yielding rather than aggressive and active. The whole debate, struggle, historical context, and current position are expressed through the lipstick when you look beneath the surface.

William Stillman
Health Education

You can spend time with God through each moment of every day if you are conscious and aware of God's presence and influence in all that you do and say. God is present in every interaction you have and in all you do. Every encounter is an opportunity to "spend time with God" because each of us is of God. Never underestimate the power you hold to forever alter the course of someone's life in ways that are positive and loving merely with a smile, a compliment, or by being a good and compassionate listener---even if it's a total stranger.

You can incrementally build to a "perpetual state of meditation" through setting aside time for prayer, reflection and contemplation every day, even if it's only for five or ten minutes. Silently recount the ways in which you were of good and great service to others today; how were you selfless instead of selfish; and mentally list anything glorious or beautiful you witnessed today---be it an awesome sunset or an act of heroic altruism you saw on the news. 

When you are ready, expand these "prayer-time" thoughts by being mindful of these same expressions of appreciation throughout each day. This is raising your consciousness and enhancing your awareness, not only of spending time with God but of affirming your place in the world. This process of spending time with God is your personal and spiritual evolution.

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