How can I have a greater sense of my life being full and complete?

Arianna Huffington
Health Education

Even in an age when “having it all” is a common goal, many admit to feeling “incomplete.”  Clearly, having it all is not enough.  And, more often than not, we rationalize this sense of incompleteness by ascribing it to some concrete cause: "If only I possessed this or had accomplished that, then I would be satisfied." We are surrounded by successful bankers wishing they were landscape architects, successful Hollywood film writers wishing they were serious novelists, serious novelists dreaming of one day writing a successful screenplay, and prominent academics nursing a secret wish that they had followed their childhood dream and tried to play for the Dodgers. It is the irony of the old joke about the chicken that crosses the road just to get to "the other side." And these examples speak only of the very limited number of people who have managed to make it to the top, excluding all those millions of others who are still dreaming that one day when they have climbed those last few rungs up the ladder, they will indeed have "it" made.


The source of our discontent is lodged in the Fourth Instinct. The impulse for spiritual fulfillment is as deeply imprinted within us as the drive to live, to master our environment and fill it with our children. In the same way that physical systems embody information and purpose, our Fourth Instinct embodies our search for transcendence and communion. Only following the Fourth Instinct will make us feel complete.

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