Why should I express my faith through prayer?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Right now you are only aware of spirit in glimpses. You sense yoursoul for a while, and then it vanishes again. Through faith youhold on to the ultimate vision. Prayer links who you are now withwho you will be.

God and Spirit, I pray to keep my vision ever before me.
I ask you to bless my journey.
I ask your divine helpers to protect me along the way.
I ask my inner guides to lead me forward.
I pray to the soul that is within, without, and everywhere
that I may know myself as holy, and as whole.

Say this prayer at the start of your day. Sit or kneel with eyesclosed and go inward to feel the words coming from your heart. Thisprayer will be heard at the source, which is the union of yourselfand God.

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