What does it mean that to be holy is to be whole?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
In India it has been taught for centuries that the soul has two faces. One face is turned toward God and knows itself as being made of the same holy essence. The other face is turned toward creation, and although it knows itself as divine, it can experience birth and death. The eternal face is Atman; the face that accepts birth is Jiva.

Although they are both aspects of your soul, without Jiva you would never have left God and eternity to enter your body. Without Atman you would never know that something sacred lies behind the mask of the material world. I often marvel at the ingenuity of grace, which contains infinity in the finite, bliss inside pain, clarity despite the fog, love despite conflict. This is God's magic act, to make us so that we will be both born and undying.

Affirm today that you have seen through the illusion. The magic has entertained you enormously, but now you've seen how the trick works. In the end, once Jiva has gained every drop of spirit that the world has to offer, the division is no more. Jiva merges into Atman. The soul has only one face, again and forever.

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