How can I become more centered?

Arianna Huffington
Health Education

The timeless world has disappeared from our everyday lives; clock and compass are used to calculate the span of our every action, desire, and thought. All that can be is being measured, and time is being treated as an absolute reality, with death as its unspoken end. Only through our Fourth Instinct can we muffle the sounds of the clock and touch that place in our souls where linear time -- that was then and this is now and tomorrow has not yet come -- is suspended. We plunge into this timeless peace for moments that may equal seconds by the tick of a clock, or half a revolution of the stars, and we reenter our temporal world restored, liberated -- even if only for a short while -- from the tyranny of the urgent. We have been sacrificing the important on the altar of the urgent for so long, our lives have lost their balance and we have lost our center. And we have massively redefined the urgent. It's no longer just dealing with a blazing fire; it's rather worrying about the probability of a fire starting and especially about the possibility of missing some fireworks. Some of my most beloved friends feel alive only when they are living life on the brink, dealing with half a dozen crises, wallowing in the drama of it all, and having to drug themselves before they can go back to sleep when they wake up in the middle of the night.


To move the important to the center of our existence and tend to our souls, we need to bring timelessness into our lives -- by some form of spiritual practice and also by rediscovering the sacred in the most mundane and often most resented ritual of our day: sleep.

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