What is spiritual wellness?

William Stillman
Health Education
Spiritual wellness is a state of being conscious and aware of one's place in the Universe coupled with an understanding that all that we do and say through each day matters. This state of being is best exemplified in layperson's terminology by those who practice "random acts of kindness" or who "pay it forward" throughout each day. When we are conscious and aware of contributing in ways that are altruistic by expressing respect and gratitude, we honor the source of our creation and achieve an alignment of mind, body, and spirit. This is spiritual wellness---a satisfaction and contentment in knowing that we are who are intended to be, doing precisely what we are designed for in the moment.   
Jan Campbell

Spiritual wellness exists when you have created a close connection to your inner spirit. You may be asking yourself, “What does this mean to have a connection to your inner spirit." No matter what religion you are, you might agree that your body is home to your spirit. Your spirit came into your body when you were born and it will leave your body at death. Being an Open Heart Nurse, I have witness death on the operating table. After the heart stops beating and the lungs stop breathing, the body ceases to live. There seems to be a distinct difference in the body after death. It lays lifeless and void of spirit. 

While you are alive your spirit is alive. When you are able to quiet your mind of daily chatter you may be able to connect to your inner spirit. This journey often takes you to a very peaceful, loving place. Many call it meditation. It is in this quiet place you should be able to connect to that part of you that is all love and all peace. 

Spiritual wellness also comes in the form of believing there is something bigger than yourself guiding and protecting you. Because of this belief you are able to have more peace of mind, trusting that all that happens to you will be in your best interest. You trust the spiritual world that you believe in to take care of you and watch over you. This belief gives you a sense of peace to live with. 

Spiritual connection is a very important component to health and wellness. Stress and worry do not go hand in hand with someone who has a deep spiritual connection.

If you have never made a spiritual connection with yourself I would suggest you take the time to quiet your mind and allow this connection to take place.  If you ask and are open to receive, your spirit will surely find you. Remember to relax and allow, then be open to receive.

Spiritual wellness provides a good foundation to create health and wellness in all other areas of your life.

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