How can I use spirituality to solve real-life issues?

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine

It's one thing to say you're spiritual, and it's one thing to go to church regularly. The real test of your spirituality is to apply it skillfully when you need it to solve real-life issues. That is, can you think before you think? Can you use things like deep breathing, meditation, and prayer to help you be humble, compassionate, and empathetic when you're under high stress or when you have a family crisis? That ability and skill is really at the heart of what transcendence is all about. So what do you do? It means doing things like counting to 10 before overreacting with emotion in an argument with a spouse or family member. It means slowing down the thought process to really think through problems and conflicts and use your authentic being to address issues. It means asking yourself not what your spiritual leader of choice would do about a conflict, but what would they feel about this challenge.
You want to tap into your heart more than control a behavior. And it means taking an issue one step further than its surface-level solution. So, for example, if a child is starting to get bad grades at school, the reaction should be to try to find out what else is going on in the child's life.

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