Why should I pray to be new again?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Every day we must find some way to ask spirit for clarity. Tailorthe prayer below to your own needs by specifically naming what youare confused about. Is it who to trust? Is it how to be understoodand heard by others? Is it the inability to make a choice when morethan one direction attracts you - or do there seem to be no choicesat all?

Asking for clarity opens the way for everything spirit wants tobring you. Without clarity, you wouldn't be able to notice orreceive its messages.

God and Spirit, I'm in a fog today.
Give me clarity in mind and heart.
Release me from my confusion, which is born of the past.
Let me see everything as if for the first time.
Shower unknown blessings upon me,
Surprise me with joy,And let me be renewed in your ways.

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