How do I release my self-image?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
When someone says or does something that offends you, the hurtisn't being felt by you but by your self-importance.Self-importance comes about because we all carry a self-imageinside ourselves. We spend huge amounts of time and energydefending this phantom. If your image depicts you as a person ofrefinement and education, you will be offended by coarseness. Ifyour image is that of someone in control, an authority, you will beoffended when someone with less status acts like your equal.

If you want renewal, self-image must be released. Bring yourselfinto the present without any image. Let your responses to eventsflow with the same ease and freedom as life itself. Realize that aslong as you are attached to self-importance you will always feeloffended. Affirm to yourself that relinquishing self-importance isyour ticket to freedom.

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