What are the risks of lumbar spinal fusion surgery?

Potential complications of lumbar spinal fusion surgery include: infection, poor wound healing, bleeding or blood clots.

Other complications include injury to blood vessels or nerves in and around the spine or pain at the site from which the bone graft is taken.

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What is lumbar spinal fusion?
Dr. Henry E. Aryan, MDDr. Henry E. Aryan, MD
Lumbar spinal fusion is surgery to join, or fuse, painful back bones (vertebrae). The fused section ...
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What are discs of the spine replaced with in spinal fusion?
Keolanui G. Chun, MDKeolanui G. Chun, MD
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Where does the bone used in lumbar spinal fusion surgery come from?
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Lumbar spinal fusion surgery is a surgery to join two or more spinal bones -- vertebrae -- so that t...
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What is arthrodesis?
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