What are the treatment options for open spina bifida?

The first treatment for open spina bifida will be surgery to cover the exposed tissues with skin, carried out within days of the birth in order to prevent infection. Although the procedure is still considered risky and experimental, some doctors have begun operating on fetuses before they are born, while they are still in the uterus. It is believed that this early surgical correction, although it can't undo the damage already done, lessens the chances of later complications developing, including Chiari II and hydrocephalus.

Once the initial surgery is completed, there still remain the treatments for the neurological damage caused by exposure of the spinal cord and membranes. Doctors and physical therapists will often start working with the baby early on to treat muscle damage, paralysis, and bowel and bladder control issues. As the child gets older and begins to want to walk, crutches or leg braces may be required to supplement weak muscles. If the spinal malformation was high enough on the back, the child may be confined to a wheelchair at least part of the time. In any case, further surgeries may be required to address specific issues; for example, when hydrocephalus develops, a special drain called a shunt must be implanted to siphon off fluid building up around the brain.

Dr. Vonda Wright, MD
Orthopedic Surgery
Most Children's hospitals have clinics especially designed for children with spina bifida.  These clinics bring together the professionals commonly involved in the child's care in to one place: orthopaedic surgeon, neurosurgeon, social work, physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc.  Getting connected with a good group is important for maximizing the care of a person with an open spina bifida and minimizing their morbidity.

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