How does spina bifida affect the body?

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Spina bifida occurs in varying degrees of severity, all of which affect the body in different ways. In mild cases of spina bifida without an open spinal defect, there is little to no affect on the body.  In forms of spina bifida with an open spinal defect, spina bifida can have a severe impact on both the body and mind. The following are just a few of the effects of spina bifida:
-  Paralysis: Based on degree of nerve damage, even the less severe types of spina bifida can lead to some amount of paralysis.
-  Mental Disabilities and Learning Difficulties: Not all affected individuals have some or all of these issues.
-  Chari II: A brain defect, this disorder occurs in some children with severe spina bifida.
-  Loss of Urine and Bowel Functions: These disorders can occur with even mild forms of spina bifida.

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