What are the visualization tips for scanning my back chakras?

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There are different ways to visualize yourself, and no one method works best for everyone, but here are some tips and considerations. Experiment to find out which visualization style works best for you.

• Many find it helpful to close their eyes before starting to visualize, while others keep their eyes open but unfocused, gazing at nothing in particular, as if they were daydreaming.

• If you’re literal-minded, try seeing a life-size representation of yourself about 2 or 3 feet directly in front of you. You can visualize it against a blank screen. Some people like to see a black screen; others find that a white screen, similar to a movie theater screen, works better. Still others like to visualize the image right in front of them in the room; they like the 3-D quality of such a visualization.

• Some people like details. If well-defined pictures help you, make your visualization as anatomically correct as you can. You may even want to consult a medical text for reference. Add colors and depth perception. Other people like a simpler two-dimensional cartoonlike or animated representation.

• Imagine drawing yourself on a white board with markers or painting on a canvas with vivid colors.

• Some people like to work in life-size images; others prefer a less-than-full-size representation, half-size or smaller, and feel they can concentrate better on a smaller image. In Pranic Healing classes, students are taught to scan a visualization of themselves that is one-half or one-third their normal size or even smaller, a technique that most find very helpful. “I scanned myself using this method and was amazed that I could actually feel pranic congestion as a bump in the solar plexus,” says Tracy Johns. “I’ve also used this for distant scanning (scanning someone who is not in the room with you).”

• Creative people with more developed visualization skills may try the microscope technique, in which they blow up or zoom in on a particular chakra or area of a possible health problem.

• Try visualization to scan your front chakras. Once you have learned to scan a visualization of your back chakras, you may find that you prefer to use a visualization rather than your physical body to scan your front chakras as well. This is fine.

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