What entrees can I order when eating out and on a kidney diet?

Most restaurant entrees are prepared with salt. If you are eating out and on a kidney diet, ask that yours be prepared without salt or other salted seasonings. Ask that sauces and gravies be served on the side instead of over foods so that you can use them sparingly. Remove skin or crust from breaded items to reduce sodium intake.

  • Broiled or grilled steaks, burgers, chops, chicken, fish or seafood (seasoned with fresh lemon)
  • Inner cut of prime rib or roast
  • Omelets with vegetables
  • Sandwiches with meat filling
  • Casseroles and mixed dishes
  • Sauces and gravies
  • Heavily breaded or battered items
  • Cured or salted meats
  • Omelets with cheese, ham, sausage or bacon

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