Should I avoid fruit, wheat and dairy products if I want to lose fat?

Neal Spruce
Neal Spruce on behalf of dotFIT
No, unless you decided to live a less healthy lifestyle. Unless you have a medical condition that disallows these foods, if you did avoid all of the above for any extended period, your health would certainly suffer in the long run. In normal people all these foods should be incorporated into a daily diet made up of the proper amount of calories that allows a healthy weight. Diets that exclude these foods are fads or supported by flawed science. Just remember one thing when trying to lose weight, any amount of food/calories you consume over the average amount of calories you burn will be stored as fat so you must eat less calories than you burn to sustain weight/fat loss until you reach your goal. Please see our Sharecare Fitness Application under the Coach tab for weight loss goal setting and ideal menu examples that will allow you to reach your fitness goal, click here for access:

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