Do detox diets work?

I have tried an all-natural detox that is only a week long. As the doctor stated above, it isn't a true cleanse. My understanding would be that a true cleanse is for 21 days. The one I do doesn't involve pills or other special drinks. Just 2-3 servings of fruits a day and a ton of vegetables. Toxins are stored within body fat. They have no way of releasing without doing some sort of cleanse. Therefore, you will lost weight and body fat doing a week-long detox which at the minimum gives your liver a break.

Everyone has toxins in there body. Oxygen is toxic! But especially if you've ever had food poisoning or have eaten a lot of processed food at some point in your life. Think of it as taking your car to get an oil change. You don't just tell them to put more oil in the car! They clean out the old and put the new in the car! When you embark on a new nutritional regimen, it makes sense to get the old processed foods/toxins out of your body so it can really take advantage of the new, healthy foods you will be putting in your body. Feel free to contact me directly on more details to the detox.

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
It takes a lot longer than a week for the liver to remold itself and recover from chronic injury, and studies repeatedly fail to show a benefit from short term "detox" diets.

The way that they can be beneficial? They re-boot your taste buds and cleanse your intestines so you can return to food free of allergies and with a heightened appreciation of the simple and beautiful real foods.

Processed foods wreak havoc on the liver, which has no way to understand how to metabolize them-except to treat them like toxins themselves.

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