What are adult soft tissue sarcomas?


Adult soft tissue sarcomas are a type of cancer that causes tumors in the body's soft tissue. Examples of soft tissues are nerves, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, and fat. Different types of soft tissue sarcomas that affect adults may form in different places, but it most commonly affects the limbs and sometimes the internal organs or other areas. Most types of soft tissue sarcoma have similar symptoms and treatment options.

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Soft Tissue Sarcoma, Adult

No one knows exactly what causes soft tissue sarcoma, a cancer of soft bodily tissues such as muscles, tendons and fat. The National Cancer Institute says that exposure to radiation therapy as a child and certain genetic diseases ...

such as von Recklinghausen disease can boost your risk of developing this cancer as an adult. If you have such a tumor, you might notice a lump or swelling in a certain area and feel pain or have trouble breathing from the tumor pressing on nerves or organs.

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