As a soccer player, should I do anything prior to going for a jog?

It is important to incorporate a comprehensive warm-up strategy to prevent injury and maximize performance. Begin by using a form of self-massage called foam rolling on your tight muscles, making sure to hold on tender spots for approximately 30 seconds. Common muscles that may be tight and could benefit from foam rolling include your calves, inner thighs, outer thighs, and mid-back. After foam rolling, static stretch the same tight muscles, making sure to hold each stretch for roughly 30 seconds. The combination of foam rolling and static stretching will help your tight muscles relax and elongate, improving joint range of motion and your ability to move with fluidity. Once the tight muscles are stretched, perform a few dynamic activities to help increase your heart rate and blood circulation and "wake-up" your nervous system, helping you to contract your muscles forcefully. Some dynamic exercises you can try include hip swings, lunges with rotation and lateral tube walking. Perform 10-15 repetitions of these exercises using a moderate tempo.

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