What is a good reactive drill for soccer?

The ability to quickly and effectively react in all directions on the pitch is crucial for any soccer player.  One drill that forces you to react in a 360 degree environment Is the clock drill.  To perform the clock drill begin by creating a circle out of several cones or markers.  The circle can have any size diameter you like, but be sure to vary the size throughout your training.  Prepare by standing in the middle of the circle in a good athletic stance.  Imagine that the circle is the face of a clock, so you have 12 o'clock behind you, 3 o'clock to your left, 6 o'clock in front of you, and 9 o'clock to your right.  Recruit a partner to stand outside of the circle and call out 12, 3, 6, or 9.  When your partner calls out a number, react to the command and quickly get to the correct cone.  Once your reach the appropriate cone, change direction and return to the middle of the circle.  Immediately repeat this sequence and have your partner call out the numbers in random order.  Begin by performing this drill for 10-second bursts and eventually increase the time to 30 seconds.  Important tips to remember when doing this drill include the following: 1. Drop your level, or squat closer to the ground, when your partner yells out a command; avoid standing up.  2.  Attack the number called aggressively by getting to the cone as fast as you can.  3. Quickly decelerate yourself as your reach the cone and accelerate yourself back to the middle of the circle.  For the sake of this drill, sprint to every cone and sprint back to the middle of the circle.  4. Remember to return your body position to face six o'clock immediately upon returning to the middle of the circle. 

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