What is a good competitive drill for soccer players to perform?

It is important to include competitive drills into soccer practice and training sessions because they help inspire competitiveness and, more importantly, provide fun.  Try 1-on-1 exercises where players race for the ball and the winner of posession is on offense and the loser plays defense. To prepare for this drill, recruit a teammate against whom you are going to compete and a coach to start the drill.  You and your teammate will start the drill be standing shoulder to shoulder, facing the same direction. The coach will stand behind you and throw a soccer ball several yards out in front of you.  Once the ball settles in position, the coach should release you to race your teammate to the ball. Whoever gets to the ball the fastest and acquires possession is the offensive player.  The loser of the race is on defense.  The player on offense has to dribble the ball back to the coach in 8 seconds to get the point while the defensive player tries to steal the ball and/or prevent the offensive player getting back to the coach in 8 seconds.  This drill will help you react, chase down a ball, and respond to the player who wins the chase. 

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