What quickness drill will help me learn to dodge a soccer defender?

Dodging a soccer defender using quick feet can give you a huge advantage on the field.  One drill to help you improve foot quickness while moving laterally is the ladder zig-zag. To perform this drill, begin by standing to the side of a speed ladder and place the foot closest to the ladder inside of the first box.  Follow your first foot with the second into the first box.  Now take the first foot and place it outside the first box.  Once planting the first foot outside of the speed ladder, take a step forward with the second foot into the next box.  Bring the first foot into the ladder to rejoin the second foot in the next box.  Now, the second foot steps out of the ladder repeating the motion.  Continue to zig-zag down the ladder.  Start off slowly to learn the rhythm before you speed up.  Stay low throughout the drill by bending from your hips, knees, and ankles.  Avoid bending from the low back or standing straight up.  Work on keeping your eyes up-field and moving your arms quickly through the drill.  As you improve, begin to add some head-fake motions as you step out of the ladder.  Transfer the motion of this drill to the field during game play or practice and add the soccer ball into it . 

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