What is the correct form when back pedaling as a soccer defender?

When moving, the ability to maintain correct form will improve speed, efficiency, and reduce injury risks.  During the drill, emphasize learning correct form by progressing slowly and concentrating on your posture and form.  To correctly back pedal, first get into an athletic stance.  From the athletic stance, take a short step backwards landing on the ball of the foot.  Roll from the ball of the foot to the heel.  As you are rolling your foot from the ball to the heel, drive into the ground to propel yourself backwards.  At this time, the other foot should be taking a step backwards.  It is also important to maintain a forward lean with your upper body.  As you are back pedaling, keep your torso forward and over your knees.  Swing your arms as you back pedal.  As you become more comfortable with maintaining a forward lean and your ability to roll from ball to heel of the foot, begin to increase your speed.  To help increase your speed, increase the rate of the arm swing and the force you use to push off the ground.  If you begin to stand upright and lose your forward lean, slow the down the pace and regain the proper form.  Remember, it will take some time and training to improve your back pedaling speed, so stay with it and be disciplined with your form.

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