How can I simulataneously improve my soccer speed and endurance?

A great drill to include in your training program to improve your speed and endurance is called tempo sprints.  Tempo sprints are are a drill in which you run at 75% of your maximum effort for an extended distance.  They are also sometimes refered to as striders. This is a great exercise for performance improvement, especially while you are learning proper running technique.  By running at a slower pace, you can concentrate on your form and simultaneous get in some conditioning work.  Soccer players should perform this drill by running for a distance of 120 meters, 6-8 times and rest 30 - 45 seconds between each run.  Time yourself during each run so that you stay at a consistent pace for all of the repetitions.  If you are having trouble maintaining a consistent pace for each run, take a little longer rest.  If your times are consistent, you can try to add more repetitions or decrease your rest period.

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