Should my warm-up prior to a match be different than my practice warm-up?

Warming up before a match should be slightly modified compared to daily practice and training warm-up routines.  Before a match, be sure to avoid fatigue by shortening the distance and volume of your warm-up, but keep your intensity high.  Perform drills and exercises you are familiar with from practice.  Overall, pre-match warm-up should go from general to specific and incorporate soccer-specific exercises.  Start off with lower intenstity exercises like skipping and dynamic flexibility exercises like lunges for the general warm-up.  For the specific warm-up, add in some low level plyometrics like bounding and power skips.  For the soccer-specific portion of the warm-up, focus on your technique and control, get a feel for the turf and stadium layout, and be sure to continue to drink water throughout the warm-up and pre-match routine. 
Paul Winsper
Sports Medicine

The general principles should be consistent between a training day and match day warm up. The need to warm up does not lessen on match day, however slight modifications should be considered.

Don’t experiment with new unknown exercises/drills on match day.
Allow the player a little more time to get mentally prepared.
Try to incorporate more specific components, ie defenders heading, forwards shooting etc.
Ensure player ends warm up with some short high intensity neuromuscular activity.

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