Look Before You Eat

Look Before You Eat

Often, the problem with snack attacks isn't so much what you eat as how much. That's because finger foods slip into your mouth without you ever really seeing them. Try a little Wimbledon-inspired self-defense:

Instead of plopping in front of the computer or TV with a supply of your favorite munchies, put it on a plate -- and then size up the amount as critically as you do your appearance in the morning. Why?

Plenty of studies show that the more food in front of you, the more you eat . . . not because you're hungry, but because it's there! So limit what's there.

Use these mental images as your portion guide. They'll help you maintain a constant desirable weight, and that can not only detraumatize bathing-suit season but also make your RealAge younger.

Trust Your Eyes, Not Your Hands

If your snack of choice is:

Dark chocolate
Picture this: A pot of lip-gloss.

Picture this: A shower-cap full.

Picture this: A tube of lipstick.

Piece of fruit
Picture this: A tennis ball.

Ice cream
Picture this: Half a tennis ball.

Picture this: A palmful.

Picture this: Two cotton balls.

Chips or pretzels
Picture this: A woman's fist.

Two bagel halves
Picture this: Two round compacts.

Medically reviewed in September 2019.

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