5 Low-Cal Game Day Snacks

5 Low-Cal Game Day Snacks

Get your munch on and trim calories with these smart subs.

No matter who you root for during the big game, snacks are part of the lineup. Here are five healthy snacks that look and taste like the beloved originals—so your waistline will win, even if your team doesn't.

1. Buffalo wings
Traditional buffalo wings are deep-fried, drenched in a spicy butter-based sauce and served with blue cheese dressing. That typically adds up to 350 calories, 12 g of fat and a whopping 1,160 mg sodium per serving. To trim that down, swap the wings for lower-fat chicken tenders. Marinate the tenders in nonfat buttermilk, dredge them in a combo of flour and cornmeal, and bake 'em. Trade full-fat sour cream for reduced-fat in the blue cheese dressing.

Save up to 93 calories, 16 g fat and 778 mg sodium

2. Pizza
Boxes of pizza are a convenient game-day standby. But watch those toppings and your choice of crust: A single slice of popular delivery deep-dish pepperoni pizza can tip the scales at 366 calories, 16 g fat and 668 mg sodium. And that's hardly the most indulgent pie around. Instead, order a thin-crust veggie option, which nearly all the national pizza chains offer.

Save up to 166 calories, 6.5 g fat and 313 mg sodium

3. Chips and dip
French onion dip and potato chips are classic football fare. But at nearly 300 calories, 23 g fat and 580 mg sodium, they're not so nice for your hips—or heart. Give them a makeover by using reduced-fat sour cream and ultra-creamy, fat-free Greek-yogurt. 

Also skip the pre-packaged onion soup mix—it's a sodium bomb—in favor of a flavorful combo of chopped onions, a little onion powder and kosher salt. Go for baked tortilla chips, which are lower in calories, fat and sodium than baked potato chips. Even better, serve that dip with fresh vegetable crudites.

Save up to 99 calories, 16 g fat and 260 mg sodium (with baked tortilla chips)

4. Brownies
Mmm, brownies… a delicious way to celebrate your team's victory (or console yourself after their loss). But uber-indulgent brownies can top 400 calories and 25 g of fat each (and, really, who has just one?). Lighten the load by subbing unsweetened applesauce for most of the butter and oil in traditional recipes and go easy on add-ins, like walnuts.

Save up to 290 calories and 19 g fat, depending on the recipe

5. Beer
We know, light beers don't have the flavor or kick of full-strength brew. But regular lager has about 153 calories per 12-ounce bottle, which adds up fast. If you must imbibe and want to cut calories, go for a light brew. Cut your alcohol intake even further, while staying hydrated, by sipping water throughout the game. 

Save up to 102 calories per bottle, depending on the beer

This article was updated on February 1, 2019.

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