What are the side effects of nicotine nasal spray?

The following side effects are serious and require immediate medical attention: chest pain, irregular heartbeats, or seizures. Many people will have nasal irritation when first using nicotine nasal spray, however this symptom will decrease over time. Less serious side effects may include: belching; hiccups; dizziness; stomach upset; nausea; sore throat or mouth; watering or dry mouth; watering eyes; headache; sores or white patches inside the mouth or on the lips; sneezing; constipation; coughing; jaw and neck pain; acid indigestion; diarrhea; fever; gas; flu-like symptoms; runny or stuffy nose; nasal inflammation; sinus inflammation; tooth disorders; and changes in taste. Symptoms of an allergic reaction require emergency treatment and may include difficulty breathing, hives, and swelling of the lips, tongue, throat and face.

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