How can I quit smoking if everyone at home smokes?

Quitting smoking, even when other people around you are smoking, does not have to be hard. Believe it or not, you can go to social events without smoking, but it will be tough at first. You need to give yourself time to prepare for how you are going to handle the situation. You don't have to lose your friends. Let everyone know that you are quitting and that you will need their help to succeed. Work with them to find a place where they can smoke without making it hard on you. Working together with family, friends and coworkers can help you quit.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
In a way, nobody quits smoking alone. To succeed, it helps enormously to enlist the people closest to you as a support system. And while they may seem like unlikely allies, that includes family members and roommates who still smoke.

You need to be straightforward and honest when addressing this issue. Ask members of your household who smoke not to light up around you, even if that means taking their habit outdoors. Smokers have grown accustomed to smoke-free workplaces, airplanes, and restaurants. If they're willing to avoid inflicting their noxious habit on coworkers and strangers, then they should also be willing to smoke outside at home. Ask smokers in your household to keep cigarettes and ashtrays out of sight too.
It helps to focus on the reasons you want to quit and how important those reasons are, whether they are health related, family related, or just to improve your lifestyle, for example, by saving the money you spend on cigarettes. Communicate with family members about your reasons and discuss ways they could help, for example, by smoking outside the home. Search for support via counseling, other support groups, or a healthcare provider, or use nicotine replacement therapy or medications.
Irwin Isaacs
You should share your decision to be a non smoker with the members of your family, and ask them for their support as you carry out your plan to quit smoking.
Robert S. Kaufmann, MD
Internal Medicine

First of all it is very unhealthy for the house to have everybody smoking in it, so I think it is important for you to encourage people to smoke outside, but as I answered in the previous question, it is up to you to quit. When you make that decision to quit, it is up to you to enforce it. No matter what other people are doing in the house, you still have your desire to quit smoking. I hope they would be considerate of you, but not always they are, but if it was my house, they would not be smoking in it.

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
You cannot.  You have to have them quit with you.  This is especially true of people at home because the second-hand smoke can re-addict you.  I know that is tough, but it is very tough for a husband to quit if the wife does not, or the wife to quit if the husband does not, and you can support one another and show you love one another by quitting together.  Quitting together is really showing each other your love.

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