What can I learn from my slip up while trying to quit smoking?

You can learn to not be too hard on yourself if you slip up during a trial of smoking cessation. Most people have several unsuccessful attempts before success so if this happens, just "get back on the horse." Also, you can think about the situation which caused you to pick up another cigarette and then try to avoid that situation in the future.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Slip-ups happen. But they don't have to happen often, especially if you can work your way past them. First thing's first: A slip-up does not mean you are back to smoking. Sometimes a slip-up can be just asking a smoker for a puff, or grabbing one or two cigarettes off a colleague. Slip-ups tend to occur when you are exposed to one of your triggers, like drinking a beer with friends or seeing someone lighting up in front of you -- some visual or sensory cue that was imprinted in your smoking brain.

Don't use slip-ups as an excuse to descend back into full-blown addiction. Instead, use slip-ups to your advantage. Pay attention to when they happen, and learn how to steel yourself against them in advance. You may even uncover a trigger you didn't know about.
Along the road to becoming smoke-free successfully, you may have a slip up or two. It takes the average smoker at least six attempts to become an ex-smoker for good, so don't give up!

Nicotine is highly addictive and withdrawal causes both physical and psychological symptoms. Each time you relapse, you will learn more about your triggers and find new ways to avoid and overcome them. Find other ways to keep your mouth and hands busy such as chewing gum, eating carrot sticks or keeping a cinnamon stick or flavored toothpick in your mouth. Talk to your doctor about medication and nicotine replacement therapies that can be used to take the edge off quitting smoking.

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