What should I know about nicotine nasal spray before using it?

Nicotine nasal spray, and all forms of nicotine, may be harmful to a fetus. Nicotine is passed through breast milk to a nursing infant. Do not breast-feed if you are using this product. You cannot smoke while using this product. In order for nicotine nasal spray to be effective, you must be committed to quitting smoking. Taking part in a smoking cessation support group or counseling can help you quit. If you do not stop smoking after a month of using the spray, you should stop the treatment. Because nicotine is addictive, you can become dependent on the nicotine nasal spray. This product is not as addictive as cigarettes. You should start with one spray in each nostril, using one or two doses per hour. You should use at least eight doses a day but not more than 40 doses per day, if you were a heavy smoker. This product can cause nasal irritation. People with heart conditions and other pre-existing conditions may not be able to use this medication. If you spill nicotine nasal spray on your skin, or in your eyes or mouth, rinse well several times with water. Nicotine can be fatal to children if ingested orally or inhaled.

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